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Spotted – Polka Dot Hooks – Part II (SOLD)

25 Nov The Splash
The Splash

Polka Dot hat & coat rack on sale at The Gallery, Stourhead for £75.00 (SOLD)

Just a quickie to say that I have managed to track down some modest quantities of the wildly successful Polka Dot hooks (Well, one sale in five days, actually). Industrious individual that I am, one new Polka Dot rack with three hooks has already gone onto the Products page of the Hooked on Hooks’ website selling at £79.00. I was tempted to dub it The Splash – See shape of gorgeous Victorian pine plinth – but not wanting anyone to accuse me of straying from my routes (“…gimmick-free racks of hooks…”) chickened out and stuck with SH0060. A second rack, three hooks mounted on 300-year-old French oak – yes, I have been busy – has gone into The Gallery at Stourhead, on sale for £75.00. To buy this one, drop by in person or email me so that I can retrieve it and send it to you, after receiving your payment, of course. Contact details: Jane or Claire The Gallery – 0174 840747. Steve:

French Connection – SOLD

12 Nov

There’s no doubt about it, whether it’s a Caribbean island, a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport touring supercar, or yes, a hat & coat rack(!), the more unique it is – and the more expensive – the easier it is to sell.This fabulous rack, featured in an earlier blog – The French Connection – has flown off the shelf at a cost of £160.00.French Master Wood Carver, Stone Sculptor, and personal friend Francois Derobe, who was responsible for the extraordinary carving on the rack, will be back in Wiltshire next year when, hopefully, he’ll be slicing up another piece of wood for Hooked on Hooks.

Meanwhile three smaller works featuring Francois’s handiwork are still available. (See SH0018 & SH0019 on the Products page of the Hooked on Hooks website at third rack – pictured below – is for sale at The Gallery, Stourhead. To purchase the rack, which features a lovely pair of Victorian brass hat & coast hooks on a section of waney-rustic edge oak from the Stourhead Estate, visit The Gallery in person (call to confirm availability on 01747 840747) or email so that I can retrieve it and forward it to you.

Don’t forget those wood carving chisels, Francois…

Modern Antique – winning mix of old & new

12 Nov Modern Antique

Modern Antique

Gorgeous Victorian hat & coat hooks on English oak plinth – on sale at Semley Reclamation for £103.00

If ever the term Modern Antique had a place, it would be to describe this particular hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks. With its genuine Victorian hooks mounted on kiln-dried English oak, it is a winning mix of old and new. Not available on the Hooked on Hooks website, the rack is on sale at Semley Reclamation, Dorset. (See October blog – Other Hooked on Hooks outlets).

The thing I absolutely love about this rack is the hooks. Copper-plate on solid brass, with their twisted stems and beehive tips, they are elegance itself. Sturdy enough to hang a horse – or perhaps just an assortment of hats & coats, umbrellas & walking sticks, riding crops & dog leads – they were clearly made to last, in that inimitable way so many Victorian things were made to last.

In excellent condition for their age, each hook carries the authentic look of something that’s been around for over a hundred years – a look that deliberate ‘distressing’ techniques cannot begin to match.

The oak has been simply but thoughtfully shaped, and given a cove edge with a handheld router. It also features a 300-year-old tablet of oak, painstakingly cut and inlaid into the plinth, before branding with the Hooked on Hooks branding iron.

To purchase this rack, visit Semley Reclamation, calling first confirm availability on 01747 850350. Or contact me at and I will retrieve it for immediate despatch.

Delivery cost mainland UK:   FREE

Delivery cost all other areas: Please email for quote

Dimensions of wood:                 Length: 98cm. Width: 18cm. Thickness: 2cm

Dimensions of hooks:                Height: 15.5cm. Height from plinth: 14.5cm

Ref No:                                              SH0056

Price:                                                  £103.00


Flawlessly Flawed Flawboard (SOLD)

9 Nov
Gorgeous ‘modern antique’ hat & coat rack on sale at The Gallery, Stourhead for £89.00

If you’re looking for a hat & coat rack to blow your socks off – or just somewhere to hang hats & coats, dog leads & umbrellas – this ‘modern antique’ from Hooked on Hooks is on sale at The Gallery, Stourhead. Guaranteed to transform the most motley collection of coats, hats, scarves, dog leads, brollies – and other annoying things that never seem to have a proper home – into a luxurious display, this might almost be a hat & coat rack to end all hat & coat racks.

Details: The striking solid brass, antique-finish hooks are an Edwardian-era design with genuine porcelain finials. The wood, once trodden underfoot by Victorians – a former floorboard in other words – has been painstakingly shaped and given a cove edge with a handheld router. Rubbed down and polished to perfection with a medium brown beeswax, all the flaws – nail holes, scuffs, old worm traces etc – are completely authentic reminders of the wood’s long life.

Flawless Flawboard coat rack

Victorian pine with beautifully scalloped perimeter and cove edge

Dimensions of Wood: Length: 117cm. Width: 21cm. Thickness: 2cm

Dimensions of Hooks: Height: 13.5cm. Stands of from plinth: 10cm

Price: £89.00

If you would like to buy the rack but are not in the Wiltshire area, just email me at and I’ll retrieve it from The Gallery for Free Delivery to anywhere mainland UK. For any other areas or countries, please ask for a quote. Or call The Gallery before visiting on 01747 860747. Do check out the Products section of the Hooked on Hooks website for additional racks and the Bespoke section for more specific requirements, all at

SOLD – Polka Dot rack

9 Nov

Just the briefest of announcements – the Polka Dot hat & coat rack featured on an earlier blog has now sold.

If I could work out how to add SOLD to the blog I would but 500 attempts on, the WordPress ‘edit’ function refuses to accept any changes. Any computer wizards reading this, do feel free to put me out of my misery by explaining how to persuade the edit function to edit.

I’m in the process of tracking down more Polka Dot hooks, in case anyone’s interested. Please email me with any enquiries or requirements at and do check out the Products section of the Hooked on Hooks website at for other possibilities. Many thanks, Steve Gamblin

Polka Dot rack

Polka Dot hat & coat rack now SOLD but more hooks currently being sourced