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And now for something completely British…

29 May

Hooked on Hooks’ Union Jack hat & coat rack in Farrow & Ball colours with hand-forged cast iron hooks

For the second consecutive year, Hooked on Hooks’ will be exhibiting a small range of hat & coat racks (also a key cabinet) at The Stourhead Summer Exhibition (2nd June – 17th June). Over 80 artists and designers and one coat rack maker (!) will be exhibiting pictures, sculptures, and yes, coat racks.

The Union Jack rack of hooks pictured measures 146cm by 20cm and is guaranteed not only to make a statement in your home, but also about the people who live there. The gorgeous polished hooks are hand-forged cast iron with four holding screws each, making them strong enough for as many hats, coats, scarves, shopping bags, brollies and dog leads you care to throw at them – although simply hanging things will be neater and less time-consuming.  The wood is a really solid 2.5cm-thick section of vintage pine floorboard, elegantly hidden beneath breathtakingly expensive primer, and Farrow & Ball’s too-gorgeous-for-words red, blue and white colours (See previous blog on the use of colour).

Hooked on Hooks has a permanent presence at the First View Gallery but the Summer Exhibition sees a far greater collection of different works on display over the two-week period. For information call the Gallery directly on 01747 840747 and visit their website at (NOTE: This product is now at Semley Reclamation – Enquiries on 01747 850350)

To view Hooked on Hooks’ current range of stock, go to And for information on how to commission a bespoke rack of hooks, visit Or direct all enquiries to me – Steve Gamblin – at

Gothic-look hat & coat rack made from rare 18th century English elm (SOLD)

29 May

Hooked on Hooks’ hat & coat rack made from rare 18th century English elm, on sale at Semley Reclamation in Dorset for £195 (SOLD)

Just a quick reminder that Semley Reclamation in Dorset also carries a handful of Hooked on Hooks’ hat & coat racks.

This particular rack, which is offered for sale at £195.00,  is made from a piece of very hard-to-find 18th century English elm. Typical of elm, the wood is very hard with a characteristic swirling grain and interesting knots. Adding to the rack’s character are worm hole traces – fully treated!

Adorned with painstakingly drilled and routed quatrefoil cut-outs, the rack took many hours to produce. No photograph can do it justice but combined with the stunning Edwardian-era design hooks, complete with genuine porcelain finials, the result is simply gorgeous.

If you are interested in purchasing the rack, go directly to Semley Reclamation (call 01747 850350 first to confirm availability), or email me – Steve Gamblin – at so that I can retrieve the rack for FREE despatch anywhere in the UK. For other destinations email me for a delivery quote. And for more handmade hat & coat racks, go to

Colour me Drawing Room Blue…or any one of 132 stunning colours

20 May

Farrow & Ball’s stunning Drawing Room Blue – one of 132 possible colour choices now offered by Hooked on Hooks

Just  like you, me, Fido the dog, and everything else on the planet, Hooked on Hooks is evolving. From utterly plain racks to the positively curvaceous, with trefoil, quatrefoil and budded cross cut-outs, and different routed edges, plinth designs have grown increasingly elaborate. Latest in the ever-expanding desire to turn an essential, essentially boring household item into an aesthetically beautiful item of furniture – is the introduction of colour.

And not just any old colour.

Farrow & Ball of Dorset have been making paints since the 1930s – and not just any old paints. Paints that are so environmentally friendly, you could have them for breakfast. Paints with “the ultimate in depth of colour and elegance of finish.” Paints that are used by none other than the National Trust. For a sense of what I mean – computer pictures never tell the full story – click on the link and feast your eyes on their 132-strong colour chart (

Hooked on Hooks can now produce coat racks finished in any of these colours. Just choose from the chart and I’ll take care of the rest. To see a few ready-made samples of coloured hat & coat racks, scroll through the Hooked on Hooks’s Product page at and Gallery at To discuss the type of plinth, hooks, and colour you require, simply email me at