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No little pr**k jokes please…

4 Sep

Question: What does one do with all the scraps of wood left over from coat rack-making, and other assorted woodworking projects around the home?

Why the answer is obvious. If like me you happen to live in the countryside and every now and then, a little prickly friend of the earth comes trundling

across the lawn, clearly on the lookout for appropriate winter accommodation – ie three months short let for hibernation – what better way to assist than to build a hedgehog house?

Of course all the how-to-build-a-hedgehog-house guides on the internet will tell you how easy it is, but in truth, the one pictured took several days to complete. Believe it or not, this humble abode is made up of 32 pieces of wood, every one of which had to be carefully measured and cut to size. (Hedgehogs can’t abide houses with draughty gaps in the walls, floors or ceilings). This in turn required almost 100 screws, necessitating of course the drilling of nearly 100 holes,  countersunk of course…more drilling.  And needless to say, the roof is detachable for spring cleaning (as if I haven’t got enough to do), complete with tarred roofing felt and a rubber seal to keep the water out.  (That’s another thing hedgehogs kick up about – a leaking roof!).

Well, if a job’s worth doing…

For much more information on hedgehogs and hibernation, check out the Tigglewinkle Fact Sheet at

Spot the racks….

4 Sep

Look carefully, and beneath the assorted collection of hats, coats and miscellaneous items that find their way onto coat racks, you’ll find a total of three Hooked on Hooks’ hat & coat racks, specially made for Kate and family in Godalming, Surrey. Note the two-tier arrangement, as well. Top for grown-ups – bottom for tots.

For more information on these particular racks, go to the Hooked on Hooks’ GALLERY  at and check out SH0135, SH0136 and SH0137.

For information on bespoke orders, check out the BESPOKE section at Or for a look at a range of hat & coat racks, simply go to the Hooked on Hooks’ PRODUCTS page where you’ll find around 30 racks already made.

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