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If at first you don’t succeed…

20 Dec

SOLD SH0120 (5)

Pictured is a gorgeous hat & coat rack replete with cast iron Edwardian-era hooks, mounted on lovely vintage pine…now adorning a wall in the home of one Rachel Lamb in Reading.

But it is the rack that very nearly wasn’t….

The initial email popped through to Hooked on Hooks on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 9:49pm, complete with the heading that never fails to set my pulses racing – Coat Rack Enquiry!

Within an hour I had replied, but within seconds my reply had bounced back. Scowling back at me from the computer screen was the curious message: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently. Beneath this was a page of gobbledygook text, evidently generated by a cat tap dancing on someone’s keyboard.

I resent my reply. Not once, but dozens of times over the next several weeks. I sent it from my personal email address. I sent it from my I-Pad.  I sent it from the computers of friends far and wide. I sent it from the International Space Station. But no matter what I tried, including variations of the email address, everything bounced back. It was like trying to throw away a ball attached to a length of elastic. Maddening!

In desperation, I opened a Yahoo account to match Rachel’s. I tried in vain to talk to Yahoo Customer Services but Yahoo Customer Service’s number proved as illusive as Rachel herself!

I called BT Directory Enquiries and found an R Lamb in Reading, but 50 unanswered calls later I was forced to conclude that no one was home! Just to be sure, I put a letter of explanation in the post. No one replied.

Meanwhile, about a week into the saga, a follow-up email arrived from Rachel….sweet, polite, patient….Any sign of my quotation yet, the voice pleaded?

Finally, Valium supplies seriously depleted with the thought that someone was out there begging me to sell them a coat rack, and that I didn’t even have the courtesy to respond to them, I resorted to a desperate, last-ditch, in-your-dreams idea and pasted a Rachel please call Steve Post It note on the Contact Page of the Hooked on Hooks’ website,  in the vague hope that Rachel might go into the site again and spot it – and spot it she did!

Well, all’s well that ends in a sale! (Be sure to visit the Hooked on Hooks’ website at www.hookedon and/or direct all enquiries to me – Steve Gamblin – at