Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

16 Sep
Under Construction: Hooked on Hooks' hedgehouse tunnel...

Under Construction: Hooked on Hooks’ hedgehog house tunnel…

Well no, it isn’t actually. In fact it’s hedgehog house tunnel. Surely it’s obvious? If not see picture below, with tunnel in situ, complete with waterproof felt covering.

Right, now that I’ve got your attention, this is just a short message to say that in line with Keynesian laws of economics  – the one that says the greater the demand the greater the price – the cost of a Hooked on Hooks’ hedgehog house is going up from an astonishingly reasonable £40.00, to a still reasonable £49.00. Oh, and I might be throwing in a bag of Spike Hedgehog Food, as well, just to get the little prickly balls rolling.

Hedgehog house, complete with all-important anti-predator tunnel

Hedgehog house, complete with all-important anti-predator tunnel

Having taken orders for six in almost as many days, and had a request from the Gallery-Emporium at Stourhead to stock them, as much as I love the little prickly beasts, I simply cannot spend every waking moment in my workshop (one house takes two days to produce) working for less than £20.00 a day. (If you happen to know of anyone outside the Developing World who works for £2.50/hour, let me know).And just to reiterate what I’ve said before in an earlier blog, each hedgehog house is made from roughly 46 pieces of wood (that’s at least 92 cuts), held together by over 100 screws (that’s 100 holes to be drilled and 100 counter-sunk drillings as well). And of course the pallets from which they are largely made have to be hauled home from different local sources, itself a task when some of them weigh as much as a small Indian elephant. But of course before the fun bit can begin, actual construction, the pallets have to be dismantled. Now anyone can break up a pallet – the tricky bit is doing it without breaking the wood. The problem is those horrible ribbed nails, which by definition are specifically designed NOT to come out. We’re talking about lots of brute strength here….lots of bad language….

But before you all start reaching for your tissues, just as I love making coat racks, so too do I love making hedgehog houses, and if you are interested in either, here are some useful details:To read more about hedgehog houses, click through my blogs: http://hookedonhooks.

To order or enquire about hedgehog houses and coat racks:

To see my online collection of coat racks:

For bespoke coat rack information:

To go straight to the Hooked on Hooks’ Home page:


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