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Squatter’s rights – for hedgehogs, that is…

22 Oct
Caught on camera...a virtual lookalike of the hedgehog that stole Harley's house

Caught on camera…a virtual lookalike of the hedgehog that stole Harley’s house

Squatting – that ridiculously benign euphemism used to describe the theft of an entire property belonging to someone else – is normally associated with people, right?

Well, not in our neck of the woods – not anymore, anyway….

It’s been about a month now since Thelma & Pete, a delightful local couple, spotted a baby hedgehog in their garden and decided to adopt. Recognising that hedgehogs born late in the year will struggle to feed themselves up to hibernation weight and may not survive the winter, they took it upon themselves to take on a bit of parenting.

All went extremely well with Harley (so named because of the couple’s love of Harley Davidson motorcycles – also known as ‘hogs’, incidentally), with his body weight increasing from 500g to a promising 750g in next to no time. A Hooked on Hooks’ hedgehog house was ordered and delivered, with a view to transferring Harley from his temporary residence in the garage, into The House the following day. Determined to get it right, Thelma & Pete positioned the house with great care, standing it on bricks, avoiding direct sunlight and rain. They even scattered lots of dried leaves in the general vicinity of The House so that he wouldn’t have to put in too much legwork to furnish his new home.

The actual house that was meant for Harley, since homed in a second, purpose-built house

The actual house that was meant for Harley, since homed in a second, purpose-built house

The following day, before transferring Harley to his cosy new abode, Thelma decided to take a few pictures of The House and for no particular reason removed the lift-off roof. If you’ve ever returned to your house to find it occupied by squatters, you’ll have an inkling of how Thelma felt.  Sprawled on the sofa in front of the TV, Peroni in one hand, remote control in the other, was what can only be described as Another Hedgehog! And we’re not just talking about a casual visit here folks, we’re talking about permanent residence! In less than a day, this little prickly fellow had completely stuffed The House, quite literally to the roof, with leaves and wood shavings and feathers and moved in.Which was all fine by me – what else could Thelma & Pete do but order a second hedgehog house?

If you’d like one too, contact me – Steve Gamblin – at to discuss delivery. The cost is £45.00 plus shipping.

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Size doesn’t matter – but it does cost

17 Oct
Simply enormous, simply gorgeous hat & coat rack recently made for the downstairs cloakroom of a house in North Hampshire

Simply enormous, simply gorgeous hat & coat rack recently made for the downstairs cloakroom of a house in North Hampshire

In the world of Hooked on Hooks’ handmade coat racks, there’s small, medium, large, and very large – and then there’s simply enormous. Yes, I’ve made some coat racks over the past several years but the one recently completed for a sumptuous house in North Hampshire didn’t so much take the cake as woof down the entire meal. Made from a gorgeous piece of completely knot-free American white oak measuring, wait for it…three-point-five metres…the rack is fitted with an amazing 17 large brass hooks, and is without a doubt one of the largest hat & coat racks in Britain and quite possibly the entire world and known universe.

Close up of that very heavy £28.00 hook - each, that is...

Close up of that very heavy £28.00 hook – each, that is…

Now size really doesn’t matter – but it does cost. At £28.00 a throw, the hooks alone came to £476.00 (Cost to me – cost to client). And at £18.00 a metre the wood was also expensive and because the finished rack was far too large for a courier and no furniture removal company would touch it, for an additional £100.00, I delivered and fitted the rack myself (with the help of my partner). Modestly, I charged £136.00 labour, bringing the total cost to a breathy £722.00.

The result, as I think the picture conveys, is a stunning item of furniture that will last as long as the house, or longer, and solve forever the problem of what to do with all those hats & coats, scarves & brollies, dog leads & bags and other miscellaneous hangable items.

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