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Technological meltdown…

26 May
Handmade from 18th century church pew French oak with brass acorn-tip hooks. £145.00

Hooked on Hooks’ handmade coat rack made from 18th century church pew French oak with brass acorn-tip hooks. £145.00

Have you ever felt that someone Out There has it in for you?

All right, perhaps it’s just me…

It began in February with the acquisition of a 76kg thicknesser-planer for the Hooked on a Hooks’ workshop. I mention the weight because it took the combined brawn of myself and a long-suffering friend to haul the thing up the stairs to my workshop. However,  two days of very bad language later, I was forced to confront the realisation that the machine was faulty and would have to go back.

A no-quibble replacement arrived. Yet more humping and heaving, more assembly work, more wasted days, and even worse bad language ensued. And impossible but true, the replacement machine proved to be faulty as well and also had to go back. Twice bitten, munched up, and fully digested, this time I got my money back.

Days later my computer made all sorts of whirring sounds and breathed its last. Incredibly, whilst that was in the repair shop, the  monitor on my partner’s computer threw up a wonderfully colourful mosaic, gasped, and died.

Resisting the instinctive desire to hide beneath the duvet for the next several months, I decided to visit my mother in the Home where she resides 120 miles down the road. Three minutes into the journey, my one-year-old watch spluttered and came to a complete halt. Two hours and 100 miles later, the alternator on the car went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully, despite a scary display of flashing lights – ABS, flat tyre, air bag, oil pressure, seat belt, nose bag, incontinence pants, blood pressure – I managed to limp home.

Scanning the pages of e-Bay for a good deal on a Smith & Wesson and lots of ammunition, the I-Pad went ping and in popped notification of a Hooked on Hooks’ coat rack sale. Well, that snapped me out of it. And in the words of Scarlett O’Hara, it was good to be reminded, Tomorrow is another day….

And on that note, do take a moment to check out the Hooked on Hooks’ range of handmade hat & coat racks at http://www.hookedonhooks. And please make a mental note that I also make hedgehog houses and small furniture items such as tables and stools. For all enquiries, contact me – Steve Gamblin – at