When is a coat rack not a coat rack?

21 Sep
Handmade, kiln-dried French oak stool from Hooked on Hooks

Handmade, kiln-dried French oak stool from Hooked on Hooks (£130.00 including FREE shipping to mainland UK)

When it’s a stool, of course…

By way of expanding the Hooked on Hooks’ line-up, I have decided to add furniture items per se to my repertoire. I have made stools before, as well as other items such as nest tables, garden tables, clothing rails, shelf units and so on, but this is the first time I’ve made a non-coat rack piece for stock.

The stool is currently on display at The Gallery, Stourhead, along with several Hooked on Hooks’ coat racks. Don’t be put off by this. If you are interested in these items (details can be found in the Products section of my site at http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products), just email me -Steve Gamblin – at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk and I’ll confirm availability and retrieve the item for immediate dispatch, if required.

Useful links:

Full details of this stool: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/p/298/handmade-stool-dp001

Full selection of coat racks: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products.

Hooked on Hooks’ Home page: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk

Information on bespoke service: http://www.hookedonhooks. co.uk/t/bespoke

All enquiries:  Steve Gamblin at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk




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