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GOING Going going…

24 Sep


…on holiday.

Every dog has its day….Every coat rack maker has his holiday…Mine starts Sat September 26th and runs until Wed October 7th.

Thanks to an I-Pad, and Wi-Fi at the National Trust cottage where we are staying, I can still be contacted at hello@hookedon

Any items bought from the Hooked on Hooks’ PRODUCTS page will be packed and sent the day after my return – MANY APOLOGIES for the delay.

Happy holidays…

Steve Gamblin

Hooked on Hooks

Handmade apology – take your pick

18 Sep
Handmade, kiln-dried French oak corner hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

Handmade, kiln-dried French oak corner hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

If you’ve managed to find your way to the Hooked on Hooks’ website, only to find that most of the stock has been sold, please don’t give up. The fact is, more than half of my sales are bespoke orders anyway, meeting you the customer’s specific needs. Does this mean a long wait?SH0306 Making 010
Usually no. A straightforward coat rack can be made within a week to ten days. More complex furniture items usually take two to three weeks.

Currently the Hooked on Hooks site features over 200 coat racks, most of them sold. This is because a sold rack takes at least two days to replace. If ten racks are sold in a month, it takes at least one month to replace them, bringing the stock back to normal. Meanwhile, fresh sales and orders are coming in all the time. So if you would like to own a handmade Hooked on Hooks’ coat rack or furniture item, yes you may have to wait a little, but you will not be let down and you will not be disappointed. SH0306 Making 017

In essence, this is the meaning of handmade in Britain, as opposed to mass-produced in China. Take your pick.


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