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Nothing like a nice pair….

15 Dec


Pair of matching Victorian antique pine coat racks custom made by Hooked on Hooks

Pair of matching Victorian antique pine coat racks custom-made by Hooked on Hooks

…of handmade, Hooked on Hooks’ hat & coat racks.

Specially commissioned and already safely ensconced in a home somewhere in Surrey, this design is just one of a million-and-one permutations possible from the Hooked on Hooks’ workshop.


Wood: Victorian antique pine floorboard. Design: Stepped, bow-ends with five, four and three round-hole cut-outs, cove routed. Finish: Rustic Pine Briwax

SH0314-5 (B) 014

Hooks: Cast iron hat & coat hooks originally designed and produced by the Archibald Kenrick & Sons foundry (1760-1835).

Dimensions: Length: 100cm. Width: 14.5cm. Thickness: 2cm. Hook height: 14.5cm. Protrusion: 10cm

Cost: £120.00 each

Ref: SH0314-5


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