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Handmade split-plinth coat rack

26 Jun
Handmade, split-plinth hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

Handmade, split-plinth hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

Fresh from the Hooked on Hooks’ workshop is this beautifully executed, cunningly designed split-plinth hat & coat rack. Crafted from a gorgeous slab of Parana pine, the split creates the perfect illusion of two pieces of wood. Parana or Brazilian pine (a hint there of where the wood originates), is not true pine at all but it is a soft wood used for furniture. Characteristic of the wood is a beautiful grain and lovely pin-head knots, which are caused by leaves. As smooth as skin to touch, the texture of the wood is heightened with Rustic Pine Briwax polish-stain.SH0340 001 (2)

Description: Parana or Brazilian pine, split-plinth hat & coat rack with traditional, cast iron, scroll-end hat & coat hooks

Dimensions: Length: 84cm. Width: 13cm. Thickness: 2.2cm. Hook spacing: 13.5cm. Hook height: 10cm. Protrusion: 8cm.

Finish: Rustic Pine Briwax beeswax polish-stain

Stock ref: SH0340

Cost: £115.00 (includes free shipping to mainland UK)SH0340 001 (8)

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