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Handmade bespoke coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

29 Apr

Handmade coat rack in Honduran mahogany by Hooked on Hooks

Now comfortably adorning the hall of a London town house, this beautiful hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks is made from Honduran mahogany.


Based of a far smaller Hooked on Hooks’ rack, this is as good an example as any of how an existing coat rack can be produced to exact personal requirements.

Several weeks in the making, the very large round-over edge was painstakingly crafted using hand tools.

Customer brief: Make 250cm mahogany coat rack based on design of existing 90cm stock rack

Description: Handmade Honduran mahogany hat & coat rack with eleven cast iron hooks


Wood: Honduran mahogany from sustainable sources. Finish: Osmo Satin-finish Oak Lightening Hard Wax Oil

Hooks: Georgian-era design, wax-finished cast iron, acorn-tip hat & coat hooks

Dimensions: Length: 2.5 metres. Width: 20cm. Thickness: 2.8cm.

Fixing: two steel counter-sunk hanging brackets and five plinth fixing holes beneath hooks


Stock ref: SH0358

Cost: £380.50

Contact: Steve Gamblin at

Hooked on Hooks: