Back-to-school coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

27 Jul

Vintage hat & coat rack made from reclaimed English oak and original school hooks

This distinctive vintage-look coat rack from Hooked on Hooks features original wire school hat & hooks on a sumptuous section of weathered oak. Laboriously restored from beneath stubborn layers of sixties rust and chipped paint, who would have believed that these utilitarian school staples would one day turn into highly sort after collectables? Perfect for any setting – contemporary or traditional – this is the second of only two similar but not identical racks ever produced.

Before and after…


Vintage-look school hat & coat rack

Wood: 20-50-year-old weathered English oak

Hooks: Circa 1960s original wire school hat & coat hooks

Dimensions: Length of plinth: 101cm. Width: 17.5cm (max). Hooks: Height: 17.5cm. Protrusion: 8cm.

Made by: Steve Gamblin, Hooked on Hooks

Stock ref: SH0360.

Cost: £89.00 (Including FREE shipping to accessible mainland UK)

Strange but true….Made in England…

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2 Responses to “Back-to-school coat rack from Hooked on Hooks”

  1. betti72 28/07/2017 at 3:50 am #

    What a brilliant idea. That is such a great look.


  2. Penny 27/07/2017 at 4:54 pm #

    I remember these hooks, as was a 1960s schoolgirl, and they are so authentic. Love the workmanship and description of the intricacies of a very stylish and nostalgic look.


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