300-year-old new arrival from Hooked on Hooks

28 Aug

Handmade antique English oak hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

Fresh from Hooked on Hooks is this beautiful Gothic-look hat & coat rack made from a 300-year-old English oak floorboard. All about the wood, the plinth features a church-like row of quatrefoil cut-outs. Unashamedly gnarled, holed, hard and heavy but full of character, the Georgian-era design cast iron, acorn-tip hooks make this a design that would sit equally well in a contemporary or traditional setting.

Full details at: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/p/390/handmade-early-1700s-english-oak-plinth-with-georgian-era-design-hooks-sh0362

All enquiries: Please contact Steve Gamblin at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk for all and any information about bespoke hat & coat racks.

Hooked on Hooks handmade hat & coat racks at: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk



One Response to “300-year-old new arrival from Hooked on Hooks”

  1. Penny 28/08/2017 at 10:58 am #

    The ultimate in the recycling of wood, to know that your coat rack has seen 300 years of human activity! Even though the wood is so wonderfully old and gnarled, I think it adds to the charm of the rack and I would love to own it. ‘Unfortunately’, I already have two of Steve Gamblin’s racks!


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