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The rack cracked

28 Feb

Here’s a unique, original-design hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks that appears to be split in two. Made from a gorgeous slab of Parana pine, the crack creates the perfect illusion of two pieces of wood. Parana pine, or Brazilian pine, is not true pine at all but it is a soft wood that lends itself perfectly for beautiful furniture. Characteristic of the wood is a gorgeous grain and lovely pin-head knots, which are caused by leaves. As smooth as skin to touch, the texture of the wood is heightened with Rustic Pine Briwax polish-stain.

Description: Parana or Brazilian pine, split-plinth hat & coat rack with traditional, cast iron, scroll-end hat & coat hooks

Dimensions: Length: 84cm. Width: 13cm. Thickness: 2.2cm. Hook spacing: 13.5cm. Hook height: 10cm. Protrusion: 8cm

Finish: Rustic Pine Briwax beeswax polish-stain

Stock ref: SH0340

Cost: £115.00 (includes free shipping to mainland UK)

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