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When is a tweet not a tweet?

26 Mar

Blue tit bird box from Hooked on Hooks – picture taken four minutes after mounting!

Bird feeding table from Hooked on Hooks

When it’s a bird. Now having got your attention with a Christmas cracker joke, I just wanted to announce that in additional to its main line of handmade racks of hooksHooked on Hooks also produces hedgehog houses, bird feeding tables and for the first time this year, bird boxes.


Pictured is a blue tit box that attracted a pair of tits exactly four minutes after being mounted on one of our lime trees. How satisfying is that? Shipping costs really make these items suitable for local collection only but delivery could be worked out on an ad hoc basis.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a rack of hooks for clothing, kitchen utensils, keys, dog leashes etc, the following links will show you all the various options open to you:


HOME page:

PRODUCTS for sale:


BESPOKE information: bespoke

ARCHIVE for ideas: archive?pagesize=12

CONTACT for all enquiries: Steve Gamblin at hello@hooked