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Return of the prodigal coat rack

29 Mar

Victorian-era design hat & coat rack in situ in Visitor Reception, Stourhead in Wiltshire

Back in 2015 Hooked on Hooks was pleased to ‘donate’ a custom-made Victorian-era design hat & coat rack to the National Trust’s Stourhead Estate for use in their Harry’s Story special exhibition. No not that Harry – Harry son of Sir Henry and Lady Alda Hoare, the last members of the famous Hoare banking family to occupy the estate before passing it on to the National Trust.

Exhibition done and dusted, the rack has now been returned and is offered for sale on the Hooked on Hooks website. For full details go to

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Hooked on Hooks revamp

25 Feb

Home page of new Hooked on Hooks’ website

As you probably won’t know, the Hooked on Hooks’ website is undergoing a complete revamp. I liked the original site but technology has moved on making it difficult for some users to access.

The new site – – looks fresher and bang up-to-date and is quicker and easier to navigate. And is also quicker and easier for me to manipulate behind the scenes.

Having tweaked or rewritten most of the information and descriptive texts on the new site, I am now in the process of reloading stock – presently about 20 items. When that task is complete, I’ll be back in the workshop producing new coat rack, key boards and so on.

Meanwhile, I am very much open for business and am able to take on bespoke orders, if nothing on the site is suitable for you.



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Rescued from a skip – beautiful, solid vintage pine stationery cabinet

5 Nov

Who can resist looking in a skip? You never know what you might find. A friend of mine managed to rescue two or three of 40 or so antique wood planes that had been mindlessly discarded. This rare, solid vintage pine stationery cabinet was not quite such a gem of a find but was well worth rescuing and restoring. Several weeks of satisfying labour later, the result speaks for itself. Meanwhile, if you are interested in my main field of work, check out my coat rack site at And contact Steve Gamblin directly with any enquiries at

Lovingly restored from this…


…to this…

…stripped back to bare wood…

…completely dismantled…

…side panels and all 17 shelves waxed…

…even the beautiful door knob stripped and waxed…

…and a top created from a Victorian antique floorboard…







…and finally, the original hook & eye refitted.

Cornwall calling…

26 Sep


Just to say, every dog has its day and every coat rack maker has his holiday. Mine runs from Friday 28th August to Friday 12th September.

If you do buy something from the Hooked on Hooks online shop whilst I’m away, it’ll be packed and dispatched by courier the day after my return.

And if you do have a query or enquiry of any kind, I’m fully contactable by email in the usual way at hello@hookedon, thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi at our National Trust cottage and newly acquired i-phones. Hopefully this won’t cause anyone too much inconvenience.

Happy holidays!

Steve Gamblin


Job done…

31 Aug

“Myself and the wife, and all those who have seen it are extremely impressed with the look and quality of your work. What an amazing coat hook plinth.”

LD, Exeter, Devon

Original 137cm coat rack with 6 hooks


Customer: Previously sold coat rack (SH0178) measuring 137cm is perfect but too long. Can you make a copy 110cm in length?

Hooked on Hooks: Consider it done!


Wood: Air-dried English oak from National Trust’s Stourhead Estate

Hooks: Hand-forged, burnished cast iron, Egyptian-design hat & coat hooks

Finish: Two-tone Rustic Pine Briwax blended with Mahogany Briwax


Wood: Length 110cm. Width: 15cm. Gauge: 2.7cm

Hooks: Hook height: 16cm. Projection: 11cm


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When is a coat rack not a coat rack?

31 Jul

…when it’s a Bug Hotel, of course!

In the making is this nice little man-made habitat for all and any spiders, wood lice, earwigs and creepy-crawlies in general that care to take up residence.

Made from an old oak gate post that I managed to rip down into three hefty planks, the infilled sections include separate compartments for anything that cares to check in. 

This particular Bug Hotel tips the scales at about three tons but on the cards are much smaller and lighter versions that could be shipped.


Hooked on Hooks:



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Hooked on Hooks does John Wayne, almost…

28 Jun

Fresh from Hooked on Hooks is this unique hat & coat rack that I was tempted to call The John Wayne but snapped out of it at the last moment. Unashamedly cribbed from a scene in a 1950s John Wayne classic western, the shape of the plinth mirrors the headboard in a bed occupied by a woman about to give birth. (Perhaps I should have named it after the baby? Perhaps I should just has stolen the design and kept mum about its origins?). Anyway – am I babbling? – I can guarantee one thing, there isn’t another coat rack on the planet with this design, never mind the wood, which is 300-year-old English oak.


WOOD: 300-year old English oak floorboard

Dimensions: Length: 102cm. Width: 17cm

HOOKS: Cast iron, ball-end hat & coat hooks

Dimensions: Height: 12.5cm. Protrusion: 4.5cm

Finish: Fiddes & Sons Oak Lightening Hard Wax Oil

Stock ref: SH0374

Price: £145.00 (includes FREE shipping to accessible mainland UK)

Full details:


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Plymouth calling…

31 May

Now residing on wall in Plymouth is this elegant hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks.



Air-dried English oak from the National Trust’s Stourhead Estate in Wiltshire

Dimensions: Length: 130cm. Width: 18cm. Weight: Really heavy

Finish: Fiddes & Sons Oak Lightening Hard Wax Oil

HOOKS: Solid brass, Georgian-era design, acorn-tip hat & coat hooks

Dimensions: Height: 16.5cm. Protrusion: 11cm. Weight: Really heavy

Stock ref: SH0370

If you like this coat rack but it is too big, too small, the wrong colour or wood, contact me – Steve Gamblin at – to discuss making this or any other design coat rack to your exact requirements.


Hooked on Hooks:




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The rack cracked

28 Feb

Here’s a unique, original-design hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks that appears to be split in two. Made from a gorgeous slab of Parana pine, the crack creates the perfect illusion of two pieces of wood. Parana pine, or Brazilian pine, is not true pine at all but it is a soft wood that lends itself perfectly for beautiful furniture. Characteristic of the wood is a gorgeous grain and lovely pin-head knots, which are caused by leaves. As smooth as skin to touch, the texture of the wood is heightened with Rustic Pine Briwax polish-stain.

Description: Parana or Brazilian pine, split-plinth hat & coat rack with traditional, cast iron, scroll-end hat & coat hooks

Dimensions: Length: 84cm. Width: 13cm. Thickness: 2.2cm. Hook spacing: 13.5cm. Hook height: 10cm. Protrusion: 8cm

Finish: Rustic Pine Briwax beeswax polish-stain

Stock ref: SH0340

Cost: £115.00 (includes free shipping to mainland UK)

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Handmade from Hooked on Hooks – elegant solutions for hat & coats, and keys

29 Jan

“Here is the coat rack in use.  It is exceptionally useful and well-made, as is the key rack. Many thanks indeed for your work !” C.M. Suffolk

For more information, including pictures of both these pieces, contact Steve Gamblin at


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