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Rescued from a skip – beautiful, solid vintage pine stationery cabinet

5 Nov

Who can resist looking in a skip? You never know what you might find. A friend of mine managed to rescue two or three of 40 or so antique wood planes that had been mindlessly discarded. This rare, solid vintage pine stationery cabinet was not quite such a gem of a find but was well worth rescuing and restoring. Several weeks of satisfying labour later, the result speaks for itself. Meanwhile, if you are interested in my main field of work, check out my coat rack site at And contact Steve Gamblin directly with any enquiries at

Lovingly restored from this…


…to this…

…stripped back to bare wood…

…completely dismantled…

…side panels and all 17 shelves waxed…

…even the beautiful door knob stripped and waxed…

…and a top created from a Victorian antique floorboard…







…and finally, the original hook & eye refitted.

Job done…

31 Aug

“Myself and the wife, and all those who have seen it are extremely impressed with the look and quality of your work. What an amazing coat hook plinth.”

LD, Exeter, Devon

Original 137cm coat rack with 6 hooks


Customer: Previously sold coat rack (SH0178) measuring 137cm is perfect but too long. Can you make a copy 110cm in length?

Hooked on Hooks: Consider it done!


Wood: Air-dried English oak from National Trust’s Stourhead Estate

Hooks: Hand-forged, burnished cast iron, Egyptian-design hat & coat hooks

Finish: Two-tone Rustic Pine Briwax blended with Mahogany Briwax


Wood: Length 110cm. Width: 15cm. Gauge: 2.7cm

Hooks: Hook height: 16cm. Projection: 11cm


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Handmade from Hooked on Hooks – elegant solutions for hat & coats, and keys

29 Jan

“Here is the coat rack in use.  It is exceptionally useful and well-made, as is the key rack. Many thanks indeed for your work !” C.M. Suffolk

For more information, including pictures of both these pieces, contact Steve Gamblin at


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And ask me for a quotation to make these or any other design coat racks, key boards, kitchen utensil racks and so on.


Back-to-school coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

27 Jul

Vintage hat & coat rack made from reclaimed English oak and original school hooks

This distinctive vintage-look coat rack from Hooked on Hooks features original wire school hat & hooks on a sumptuous section of weathered oak. Laboriously restored from beneath stubborn layers of sixties rust and chipped paint, who would have believed that these utilitarian school staples would one day turn into highly sort after collectables? Perfect for any setting – contemporary or traditional – this is the second of only two similar but not identical racks ever produced.

Before and after…


Vintage-look school hat & coat rack

Wood: 20-50-year-old weathered English oak

Hooks: Circa 1960s original wire school hat & coat hooks

Dimensions: Length of plinth: 101cm. Width: 17.5cm (max). Hooks: Height: 17.5cm. Protrusion: 8cm.

Made by: Steve Gamblin, Hooked on Hooks

Stock ref: SH0360.

Cost: £89.00 (Including FREE shipping to accessible mainland UK)

Strange but true….Made in England…

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Handmade coat rack with shelf

30 Jun

Job done…Weeks of work went into producing this large hat & coat rack with shelf. Closely based on a smaller version (See previous blog), most  coat racks can be scaled up or down to meet exact requirements.


Large hat & coat rack with shelf


Length: 204cm. Height: 46.5cm. Depth: 20cm.

Hooks: 12 cast-iron, Georgian-era design, acorn-tip hat &  coat hooks.

Wood: Interesting Timbers kiln-dried English oak

Finish: Osmo Oak Lightening, Satin-finish Hard Wax Oil

Labour: Two weeks and some…

Materials: Approx. £240.00

Stock ref: SH0359

Cost: £495.00

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Customer brief: Make one of these, two metres wide…

31 May

The original 89cm-wide Hooked on Hooks’ hat & coat rack with shelf that will be scaled up to 2 metres (Ref: SH0253)





Eight metres of kiln-dried English oak arriving from Interesting Timbers in Somerset







Photo-op for lovely premium-grade, kiln-dried English oak


Ripping down the length of rough-sawn oak…






No trial and error with £27/metre premium-grade oak – the brace is fashioned in particle board first…This was the third attempt








Two braces with finished edges….Routing and final finishing to do…


The real thing…cutting out the braces with a hand-held jig-saw…with heart in mouth…






Another very tricky job completed – routing the fancy edges of the braces. Phew…






Painstakingly counter-sinking one of two hanging brackets…



Large round-over routed edge for underside of top shelf…





Cove-cut routed edge for hook plinth…




First-fix of hook plinth to side braces…





Cast iron acorn-tip hooks going on at last…






Completed at last… (See next blog for more information)

Gothic-look coat rack plinths only, from Hooked on Hooks

23 Feb


Handmade coat rack plinths only from Hooked on Hooks, made from early 1800s French oak

Handmade coat rack plinths only from Hooked on Hooks, made from early 1800s French oak

If you’ve got coat hooks but cannot produce the wooden plinth yourself, I can provide this service. I’m not often asked to make a coat rack without the hooks but I’m perfectly happy to work out the design with you, type of wood, and finish, and make the plinth for you. Of course I can fit your hooks as well, if you prefer – all you have to do is send them to me.

Beautiful quatrefoils from Hooked on Hooks

Beautiful quatrefoil from Hooked on Hooks

Designs for plinths only – and completed coat racks – can be based on any of the designs on my website. Please check out the following links for ideas. I can also work to your own design requirements.

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