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Rescued from a skip – beautiful, solid vintage pine stationery cabinet

5 Nov

Who can resist looking in a skip? You never know what you might find. A friend of mine managed to rescue two or three of 40 or so antique wood planes that had been mindlessly discarded. This rare, solid vintage pine stationery cabinet was not quite such a gem of a find but was well worth rescuing and restoring. Several weeks of satisfying labour later, the result speaks for itself. Meanwhile, if you are interested in my main field of work, check out my coat rack site at And contact Steve Gamblin directly with any enquiries at

Lovingly restored from this…


…to this…

…stripped back to bare wood…

…completely dismantled…

…side panels and all 17 shelves waxed…

…even the beautiful door knob stripped and waxed…

…and a top created from a Victorian antique floorboard…







…and finally, the original hook & eye refitted.


Handmade from Hooked on Hooks – elegant solutions for hat & coats, and keys

29 Jan

“Here is the coat rack in use.  It is exceptionally useful and well-made, as is the key rack. Many thanks indeed for your work !” C.M. Suffolk

For more information, including pictures of both these pieces, contact Steve Gamblin at


Hooked on Hooks Home page:

Products: http://www.hookedon

And ask me for a quotation to make these or any other design coat racks, key boards, kitchen utensil racks and so on.


Handmade Key Solution from Hooked on Hooks

24 Oct


Handmade oak key board from Hooked on Hooks

En route to Suffolk as we speak is this handmade bespoke key board from Hooked on Hooks. Quite a few days in the making, it weighs a ton and will shortly be responsible for some 30 bunches of keys – keys that’ll never go astray again!

Just some of the designs possible. Any suggested design possible

Description: Large handmade key board

Wood: Kiln-dried English oak

Design: Tombstone-shaped plinth with large round-over routed edge

Height: 75cm. Width: 53cm

Finish: Fiddes Oak Lightening Hard Wax Oil

Hooks: 30 handmade Cast in Style wrought iron key hooks

Stock ref: SH0363

Large round-over routed edge

Useful Links

More key solutions:

Hooked on Hooks Home page:

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All enquiries: Steve Gamblin at

Staggered hooks leave ample room for each key or bunch of keys