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Back to school with this handmade coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

21 Aug
Handmade hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks made from recycled materials

Handmade hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks made from recycled materials

Fresh from the workshop of Hooked on Hooks is this beautifully quirky, utterly unique hat & coat rack made from recycled materials.

SH0343 007


Wood: Recycled weathered English oak

Dimensions: Length: 97cm. Width: 17.5cm. Thickness: 2cm

Finish: Fiddes & Sons Satin-finish Oak Lightening Hard Wax Oil

Hooks: Circa 1950s wire school cloakroom hat & coat hooks

Finish: Briwax Clear beeswax polish

SH0343 008Stock ref:  SH0343

Price: £89.00

Shipping: FREE to accessible mainland UK destinations

FULL DETAILS OF THIS PRODUCT: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/p/378/weathed-english-oak-plinth-with-vintage-wire-school-hooks-sh0343

MORE COAT RACKS: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products

BESPOKE INFORMATION: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/t/bespoke

HOOKED ON HOOKS’ HOME PAGE: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk

CONTACT: Steve Gamblin at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk




Size doesn’t matter – but it does cost

17 Oct
Simply enormous, simply gorgeous hat & coat rack recently made for the downstairs cloakroom of a house in North Hampshire

Simply enormous, simply gorgeous hat & coat rack recently made for the downstairs cloakroom of a house in North Hampshire

In the world of Hooked on Hooks’ handmade coat racks, there’s small, medium, large, and very large – and then there’s simply enormous. Yes, I’ve made some coat racks over the past several years but the one recently completed for a sumptuous house in North Hampshire didn’t so much take the cake as woof down the entire meal. Made from a gorgeous piece of completely knot-free American white oak measuring, wait for it…three-point-five metres…the rack is fitted with an amazing 17 large brass hooks, and is without a doubt one of the largest hat & coat racks in Britain and quite possibly the entire world and known universe.

Close up of that very heavy £28.00 hook - each, that is...

Close up of that very heavy £28.00 hook – each, that is…

Now size really doesn’t matter – but it does cost. At £28.00 a throw, the hooks alone came to £476.00 (Cost to me – cost to client). And at £18.00 a metre the wood was also expensive and because the finished rack was far too large for a courier and no furniture removal company would touch it, for an additional £100.00, I delivered and fitted the rack myself (with the help of my partner). Modestly, I charged £136.00 labour, bringing the total cost to a breathy £722.00.

The result, as I think the picture conveys, is a stunning item of furniture that will last as long as the house, or longer, and solve forever the problem of what to do with all those hats & coats, scarves & brollies, dog leads & bags and other miscellaneous hangable items.

To see a range of ready-made racks of hooks, go to the Hooked on Hooks’ Products’ page at http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products. And for the many Bespoke options that I can offer go to http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/t/bespoke  (They don’t all cost £722.00!). And for further ideas and inspiration visit the Archive pages at http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/20/archive.

For all and any enquiries (including information on Hooked on Hooks’ handmade hedgehog houses), contact me – Steve Gamblin – at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk


SOLD – Polka Dot rack

9 Nov

Just the briefest of announcements – the Polka Dot hat & coat rack featured on an earlier blog has now sold.

If I could work out how to add SOLD to the blog I would but 500 attempts on, the WordPress ‘edit’ function refuses to accept any changes. Any computer wizards reading this, do feel free to put me out of my misery by explaining how to persuade the edit function to edit.

I’m in the process of tracking down more Polka Dot hooks, in case anyone’s interested. Please email me with any enquiries or requirements at hello@hooked.hooks.co.uk and do check out the Products section of the Hooked on Hooks website at www.hookedonhooks.co.uk for other possibilities. Many thanks, Steve Gamblin

Polka Dot rack

Polka Dot hat & coat rack now SOLD but more hooks currently being sourced

Spotted – Polka Dot Hooks

19 Oct
Spotted - Polka Dot Hooks

Enamel polka dot hooks on oak plinth, on sale at The Gallery, Stourhead for £135.00 

As with all addictions – mine of course is hooks – one simply can’t help oneself. Which is why my hand went straight into my pocket whilst on holiday recently in Cornwall to purchase what can only be described as polka dot hat & coat hooks. Beautiful enamel on metal, I’d never seen anything like them before and had to have them.

The timing was perfect. I’d recently spent several hours inlaying a square of oak into a newly-made plinth –  replete with Hooked on Hooks’ brand – and had yet to find any suitable hooks. With a very grainy, dark finish, I was on the lookout for hooks to set off the wood – and vice versa. The result is perfect – a truly vibrant, utterly unique rack of hat & coat hooks guaranteed to add a warm cuddly glow to the dullest of rooms or hall. Certainly, everyone who’s spotted the rack so far has basically said the same thing – Wow!

Please note that the rack is not available for purchase on the Hooked on Hooks’ website but is for sale at The Gallery, Stourhead. If you are interested in the rack, please email me and I will withdraw it from The Gallery immediately. The cost is £135.00, including free delivery by courier to any address in the UK. For delivery outside the UK, please email me for a quote. Alternatively, visit The Gallery in person confirming availability first on 01747 840747. (For more information on The Gallery, see earlier blog).