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Stool’s the tool…

3 Aug
Handmade four-legged stool from Hooked on Hooks

Handmade four-legged stool from Hooked on Hooks

Whether you sit on them, stand on them, put your feet up on them, use them as side table, plant or lamp stand – or simply look at them – there’s no getting away from it, a stool is one of the most useful items of furniture to have in the home.

Pictured is a four-legged stool from Hooked on Hooks made from recycled wood. Please note that this is a handmade piece of furniture. Each peg-jointed leg was painstakingly hand-shaved over several days using hand tools – literally, no lathe was employed.


Seat: Very hard and heavy recycled elm

Legs: Recycled English oak

Handmade from recycled wood using hand tools

Handmade from recycled wood using hand tools


Height: 32.5cm

Seat diameter: 27.5cm

Seat thickness: 2.5cm

Leg section: 3.5cm x 3.5cm

Finish: Danish oil

Stock ref: DP017

Price: £69.00 (Included FREE shipping to mainland UK. For other areas, email Steve Gamblin at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk for a quote)

For more information and photographs of this product go to: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/p/356/handmade-reclaimed-elm-oak-stool-dp017

To see a range of stools, coat racks and key boards, visit the Hooked on Hooks PRODUCTS’ page at: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products

For information on handmade  bespoke furniture and coat racks go to: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/t/bespoke

For all enquiries contact Steve Gamblin at: hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk

HOOKED ON HOOKS website: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk


Handmade with recycled wood – unique stool

18 Jul
Handmade stool made from vintage cutting board and recycled English oak

Handmade stool made from vintage cutting board and recycled English oak

Fresh from Hooked on Hooks is this one-off stool made from an old cutting board. Incorporating the original rope handle, the result is a truly quirky design that also allows the stool to be hung up out of the way, if desired. (Please note that this design is repeatable). Description Handmade recycled wood stool with cutting board seat and four hand-carved peg-jointed legs Wood: Seat: Exotic hardwood. Legs: English oak Dimensions: Height: 33cm. Seat diameter: 25.5cm. Seat depth: 3cm Leg section: 3.5cm x 3.5cm Finish: Sadolin oil Cost: £89.00 (Ref: DP015) Useful links Hooked on Hooks home page: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk Hooked on Hooks’ coat racks for sale: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products Hooked on Hooks’ Other products: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/25/-other-products Contact for all enquiries: Steve Gamblin at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk

Handmade coat racks at Gallery Exhibition, Stourhead

16 Jun
Handmade, 300-year-old oak hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

Handmade, 300-year-old oak hat & coat rack from Hooked on Hooks (one of several exhibits)

Handmade reclaimed hahogany hat & coat rack

Handmade reclaimed mahogany hat & coat rack


Event: The Stourhead Summer Exhibition 2015

Location: The Gallery, Stourhead, Wiltshire

Dates: Sat 6th June – Sun 28th June

Gallery hours: 11:00am – 5:00pm daily

Gallery contact: 01747 840747

Exhibits: Paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewellery, etc and handmade hat & coat racks from Hooked on Hooks
For more information on Hooked on Hooks’ handmade coat racks and furniture go to:

Hooked on Hooks: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk

Products: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products

Steve Gamblin profile: http://www.first-view.co.uk/stephen%20gamblin.html

Contact: Steve Gamblin at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk

New York, New York

5 Mar
Crash-proof packaging...but will it survive the luggage handlers?

Crash-proof packaging…but will it survive the luggage handlers?

No prizes for guessing where this handmade oak stool from Hooked on Hooks is heading.


Height: 39cm

Seat Size: 36cm x 25.5cm

Wood: Kiln-dried French oak

Construction: Legs and runners: Hand-carved peg joints. Seat: Two double biscuit-jointed sections. Leg angle: Five degrees

New York bound....Handmade kiln-dried French oak stool from Hooked on Hooks

New York bound….Handmade kiln-dried French oak stool from Hooked on Hooks

Finish: Sadolin oil

Time to make: A lot

Cost: £350.00


Enquiries: Steve Gamblin at hello@hookedon hooks.co.uk

Hooked on Hooks’ website: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk

Handmade coat racks: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products

Bespoke coat racks & furniture: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/t/bespoke

Blog on blogs…

13 Jan
Elegant ball-end cast iron hat & coat hook on yew plinth - handmade by Steve Gamblin at Hooked on Hooks

Elegant ball-end cast iron hat & coat hook on yew plinth – handmade by Steve Gamblin at Hooked on Hooks

Question: What do Peru, Chile, Russia, China, Slovakia, Thailand and 35 other countries all have in common?

Answer: In 2014, in each country at least one person read one or more  Hooked on Hooks’ blogs and checked out the Hooked on Hooks’ website.

This may trigger nothing but yawns in readers from Ecuador to Nigeria, Slovakia to Japan, but excuse me while I pinch myself.

Can this really be happening? Is it really true? How can a one-man operation in a small town in a forgotten corner of Wiltshire be so international? Well, according to WordPress’s Annul Report, Hooked on Hooks was indeed discovered, via my blogs, by people in 41 countries worldwide. (Just this week, a lady in New Orleans asked me to design and make a croquet mallet rack). If nothing else, it just goes to show, everyone needs a rack of hooks for something!

And whoever those ‘surfers’ might be in Peru, Thailand, Argentina, Slovakia, Japan and dozens of other countries,  I can’t thank you enough for your interest… and do feel free to ask for a quote for international shipping!

Handmade waney-edge yew coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

Handmade waney-edge yew coat rack from Hooked on Hooks

Useful Hooked on Hooks’ links:

Home page: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk

Products (Handmade coat racks to buy online): http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products

Bespoke (Information on made-to-order coat racks and other furniture items): http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/t/bespoke

Contact (All enquiries to Steve Gamblin): http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/contactus



25 Sep
Cornwall here we come....

Cornwall here we come….

Every dog has its day….Every coat rack maker has his holiday…Mine starts Fri September 26th and runs until Mon October 6th.

Thanks to an I-Pad, I am contactable at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk, for any tentative enquiries.

Any items bought from the Hooked on Hooks’ PRODUCTS page will be packed and sent the day after my return from holiday – MANY APOLOGIES for the delay.

Happy holidays…

Steve Gamblin

Hooked on Hooks



When is a coat rack not a coat rack?

21 Sep
Handmade, kiln-dried French oak stool from Hooked on Hooks

Handmade, kiln-dried French oak stool from Hooked on Hooks (£130.00 including FREE shipping to mainland UK)

When it’s a stool, of course…

By way of expanding the Hooked on Hooks’ line-up, I have decided to add furniture items per se to my repertoire. I have made stools before, as well as other items such as nest tables, garden tables, clothing rails, shelf units and so on, but this is the first time I’ve made a non-coat rack piece for stock.

The stool is currently on display at The Gallery, Stourhead, along with several Hooked on Hooks’ coat racks. Don’t be put off by this. If you are interested in these items (details can be found in the Products section of my site at http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products), just email me -Steve Gamblin – at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk and I’ll confirm availability and retrieve the item for immediate dispatch, if required.

Useful links:

Full details of this stool: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/p/298/handmade-stool-dp001

Full selection of coat racks: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk/c/19/all-products.

Hooked on Hooks’ Home page: http://www.hookedonhooks.co.uk

Information on bespoke service: http://www.hookedonhooks. co.uk/t/bespoke

All enquiries:  Steve Gamblin at hello@hookedonhooks.co.uk